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Chelsea News NY: The Businesses Left Behind

Shintaro Higashi says his biggest fear after taking over his father’s martial arts dojo is “running it into the ground.”

“I would hate that narrative,” Higashi said of that horrifying, yet possible, outcome. The stakes would be high for anyone inheriting a family business, but in Higashi’s case, the dojo has also been a neighborhood institution for more than 50 years.

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Fitness Studio Owners Are Sweating

The COVID-19 pandemic has proven to be an endurance race for businesses large and small, but if you’ve been keeping up with the news, you’ve likely noticed that the fittest of them all haven’t fared so well: Gold’s Gym, 24-Hour Fitness, Town Sports International (the owner of New York Sports Club and other country-wide chains), and Flywheel Sports have all filed for bankruptcy over the span of the past six months. And while big-box gyms are now allowed to open their doors with reduced capacities, small boutique studios have been forced to remain closed, creating a widespread problem that has beloved fitness brands sweating the dollars and cents.


Fitness Studios Put the Pressure on NYC to Reopen

Boutique gyms and group fitness facilities partnered up to pressure Mayor Bill de Blasio to permit the restart of group fitness in New York City.
The newly-formed Boutique Fitness Alliance partnered up with the New York Fitness Coalition, which claims as members about 2,500 gyms and fitness studios in the state, to file a lawsuit against the mayor and Department of Health, according to CNN. They allege the city has no proof fitness classes are more likely to spread coronavirus than typical gyms.

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