USFC Monthly Membership (One to One Studios)

$30.00 / month

USFC Membership Trainers & Coaches, paid monthly by member fitness centers


One to One Studio Benefits

  • Frequent Newsletters
  • Continued advocacy for fair wages & course curriculum to unify the profession
  • Updates on future requirements that will be needed in order to be successful in the industry
  • Updates on future certification courses & what will be required along with course curriculum updates
  • Advocacy to have Coaches and Trainers insured
  • Working to have coaches and trainers acquire one universal certification
  • Advocacy for coaches and trainers to have benefit packages
  • Use of USFC/NYFC logos
  • Use of FitnessSafe logo
  • Access to exclusive owners only FB page

Exclusive Facebook Page Content:

  • All requirements from the DOH, to include future inspections and new rules.
  • Advocating for essential status – updates on progress towards this most important goal.
  • Updates on future requirements that you will need to do in order to become essential
  • Updates on future certification courses that may be required to unite the industry
  • Information on Insurance breaks and benefits to our industry
  • Bailout reform – this is separate from the takings claim
  • Special rates and deals on all cleaning and testing protocols