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About USFC

Why we started the USFC and what we have done so far to help the fitness industry

The United States Fitness Coalition was founded to unify the fitness industry into a collective voice.

Our lack of essential status has placed all forms of fitness facilities in a precarious position. Non-essential businesses were the first to close down during the pandemic and will be closed again during any surges of covid-19. While it is our hope the pandemic will soon end, the road to essential status must continue. Without this designation, we will be forever vulnerable as an industry.

The business of fitness needs a unifying organization willing to pivot and adapt to navigate this new landscape.

Understanding this, we have formed ongoing relationships with the Department of Health to develop industry-standard cleaning protocols and fitness certifications.

The road to ESSENTIAL status is not easy. Nor one that can be traveled individually. As a coalition of like-minded fitness professionals, however, this now becomes obtainable.

Join us in our commitment to safety, education, top-tier resources, and guidance. Together we will accomplish the most important goal of all, getting the fitness industry-recognized for what we are, Essential.

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