The United States Fitness Coalition was founded to unify the fitness industry into a collective voice.
We are committed to re-growing our industry, its protection, and promoting fitness as an essential lifestyle.
We want all our members to be set up for success in our new environment.

Our Mission

The mission of the USFC is to continue growing our industry and to protect it against arbitrary rules and mandates while promoting the health and fitness industry as an essential service. We strive to provide all our members with the tools and knowledge needed that will help them become more successful. The USFC and its members (Health Clubs and Fitness Facilities, Gyms, Spas, Sports Clubs, Yoga and Pilates Studios, MMA, Boxing, Martial Arts, and our industry partners) are dedicated to making the world healthier through exercise and nutrition.

Shaping a Healthier America

The USFC is dedicated to creating sustainability in our industry by sharing helpful recommendations and guidelines to assist with the devastating impacts of COVID-19. There are many ways in which we strive to achieve this goal:

  • Advocate to be considered essential
  • Continue lobbying the government as well as rallying our industry to further support health and wellness as the solution to keeping Americans healthy and improving our immune systems.

Leading the Fight for Fitness

USFC’s advocacy team has been on the front lines since day one of our industry being locked out.

  • Our board is working with States and Government to get fitness considered essential.
  • We are working with both the DOL and DOH on creating all-new accredited programs to ensure we never get locked out again and we are seen as a professional service.
  • Getting ALL fitness memberships to be tax write-off and allow memberships to be paid in full by insurance companies.
  • Having membership dues not taxable for those states that require it.
  • We will protect the interest of Fitness clubs in the U.S. Together, we will be the industry to help Americans fight against the very comorbidities that plagued us during COVID.


The USFC backs the Restart Act and the GYMS act, both of these bills are needed to save our industry that has been the hardest hit. Previous relief packages passed in Washington provided very little assistance and the relief was not available to most fitness clubs; what was available was not nearly enough for these businesses to survive. These bills are designed to address the health and fitness industry’s unique and pressing needs by creating billions in grant programs to assist all fitness clubs.

The USFC Coalition

In 2020, we established USFC, a 501(c)6 non-profit organization working to advocate for the rights of fitness clubs. The coalition aims to get fitness seen as an essential service and re-establish fitness as a leading force to help fight against obesity and inactivity in America.

Board of directors

Our board of directors has been put together to represent everyone in the industry. We have leaders in all areas of fitness from the highest levels including being part of the Olympic committee. In these trying times, it was important to have our board be represented by someone who has worked for FEMA and Government agencies to help guide us through. Board members serve the USFC and the industry by providing guidance, strategic direction, and how to best serve USFC members. Their work is for, long-term direction of the organization, goal and strategy development, and policy development.


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