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New York Fitness Coalition Sues NYC

10, September 2020   0 Comments
The New York Fitness Coalition and the Boutique Fitness Alliance are suing the city of New York and New York City

Fitness Studio Owners Are Sweating

28, September 2020   0 Comments
The COVID-19 pandemic has proven to be an endurance race for businesses large and small, but if you’ve been keeping up

Charles Cassara of the USFC Quoted on NBC

02, October 2020   0 Comments
“Everybody is pretty much hanging on now with the hope that maybe they are going to have a chance if they

Fitness Studios Put the Pressure on NYC to Reopen

22, September 2020   0 Comments
Boutique gyms and group fitness facilities partnered up to pressure Mayor Bill de Blasio to permit the restart of group fitness

Chelsea News NY: The Businesses Left Behind

05, October 2020   0 Comments
Shintaro Higashi says his biggest fear after taking over his father’s martial arts dojo is “running it into the ground.” “I

Gym owners assembling to file class action lawsuit

14, October 2020   0 Comments
Phase Four changes have frustrated gym owners, and now they're taking their frustration to the state. The governor took gyms out

Long Island Gyms to File Lawsuit Against NY

15, October 2020   0 Comments
Owners of gyms in New York State are banding together to fight for the right to open their doors again after

Gyms plan class action lawsuit against governor’s decision to delay reopening

15, October 2020   0 Comments
Hundreds of gyms say they're committed to filing a class action lawsuit after Gov. Andrew Cuomo decided that gyms would not

Long Island Gym Owner Plans Class-Action Lawsuit

15, October 2020   0 Comments
A Farmingdale gym owner plans to file what he expects will be a class-action lawsuit to force New York State to

Gyms, malls, movie theaters left out of Phase 4

15, October 2020   0 Comments
Gym and mall owners claim the order prohibiting them from opening makes no sense; some gym owners are preparing to file

Gyms threaten class action lawsuit against Cuomo

15, October 2020   0 Comments
ALBANY, N.Y. (WIVB) — The state is keeping gyms closed and now the owners of these businesses are considering a class-action

Local Gym Joins Class Action Suit

15, October 2020   0 Comments
Well, Cuomo made it pretty clear late last week that gyms would NOT open under phase 4 as originally stated and

Gyms plan class action suit over delayed opening

15, October 2020   0 Comments
Local gyms and fitness studios are fighting back against Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s decision to postpone their Phase 4 reopening, with

No virus spike after weeks of protests

15, October 2020   0 Comments
Since May, thousands of protesters angered by George Floyd's death have taken to the streets across Long Island, from government buildings

Gym Reopening Status, Updates In California, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey

15, October 2020   0 Comments
Health club operators in a few states are still fighting to reopen, even as those in Arizona have been ordered to

LI Group Testing Gyms To Potentially Clear Them For Reopening

15, October 2020   0 Comments
LONG ISLAND, NY — A Long Island environmental group is working with Suffolk County Economic Planning and Development to provide local

NY gym owners plan class action lawsuit against state in order to reopen

15, October 2020   0 Comments
Read More... Watch the latest video at fox

From SoulCycle To SLT, New York’s Boutique Fitness Industry Fights For Survival

15, October 2020   0 Comments
From posh sweat studios to gritty boxing gyms, the boutique fitness industry in New York City is feeling the financial crunch

How The Class By Taryn Toomey Became an Essential Pandemic Workout

15, October 2020   0 Comments
The first and last time I physically attended The Class, a boutique workout billed as “an expansive, heart-clearing and body-strengthening release,”

NYC fitness studio owners sue de Blasio for continuing coronavirus closures

15, October 2020   0 Comments
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio needs to be more flexible with coronavirus reopening rules, fitness pros charged on Wednesday.

Boutique gyms to file suit to reopen in New York City

15, October 2020   0 Comments
NEW YORK — In a time where local businesses have felt incredible pressure in order to survive amid a global pandemic

Cuomo calls going to gyms a ‘dangerous activity’

15, October 2020   0 Comments
The New York Fitness Coalition presented a revised plan this week in accordance with CDC regulations to re-open fitness centers and

New York gym owner sues Gov. Cuomo to reopen the state

15, October 2020   0 Comments
In a recent interview with Fox News Radio, Charles DeFrancesco, the owner of The Arena and part of the New York

NY gym owners file class-action lawsuit against Gov. Cuomo

19, October 2020   0 Comments
Watch the latest video at New York gym owner Charlie Cassara and attorney James Mermigis tell ‘Fox & Friends’ why

2020 a true test of democracy

19, October 2020   0 Comments
This past year has been a test for all Americans like no other in our lifetime. While we've been through and

How to Combat Negative Press

14, December 2020   0 Comments
It's been a day.A week, a month, half a year, you get the idea…A lot of emotions came out of Friday
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