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Consult with a USFC Senior Staffer on all  Mandates / Executive Orders in NYS and NYC pertaining to Landlord and Lessor rights, funding that may be available to you, Moratorium protections, confirmed case and cleaning protocols.


If you’ve asked yourself…

  • Can my landlord do that?
  • Do I have any rights or privileges afforded to me by the City/State through moratoriums during COVID 19?
  • What are my options to obtaining money from either PPP or SBA for my business at this time?
  • How do I open or reopen a facility in accordance with new CDC and DOH guidelines?
  • How do I handle a confirmed case in my establishment?
  • Are my cleaning protocols compliant/safe for my specific industry?


*DISCLAIMER* It is possible at the end of the consolation that the guidance provided to you is best followed up on by Legal Council, a CPA, the DOH, Medical Professional, Occupational Health & Safety Expert, or other professional service. In this case the USFC will provide you with a trusted source recommendation in that defined field. The USFC consultation fee does not cover professional services and only covers the cost of the USFC Staffer providing what is listed above.

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