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The United States Fitness Coalition aims to bring together as many fitness facilities as possible to have a collective voice on behalf of the fitness industry. Covid-19 has had a substantial effect on our industry. Therefore, USFC has been working to ensure fair government treatment and accurate representation on public perception. Together, we can ensure that the fitness industry is able to recover and be sustainable in the future.


The USFC is a not-for-profit 501(c)6 that represents the voice of thousands of fitness facility and over millions of members across the country. USFC pursues a legislative agenda in the hope of bettering the fitness industry for both consumers and operators. USFC aims to work with both industry and government entities to improve the health and physical activity levels of Americans.


Through the pandemic, other alliances from other states have came together to work with the Politicians in their state on reopening guidelines specific to them. The USFC aims to keep the conversation going:

  • With the government about future guidelines and re-openings
  • With media about portraying a balanced view of the fitness industry and providing positive stories about the measures the industry has taken for health and safety
  • Working for industry specific relief


  • Got gyms opened to 33% capacity
  • Helped created the opening protocols for gym safety
  • Fought and won to get NYC indoor fitness classes opened
  • Created new a accredited apprenticeship with the DOL
  • Established relationships with the Department of health and the Department of labor
  • Made relationships with state and local politicians and worked together to get fitness opened
  • Kept gyms in a positive light by creating relationships with the media


The coalition has many fitness club owners/operators representing all different sizes of clubs, which includes major fitness club chains, franchises, independent club and small boutique studios, single location and small chains involved, as well as equipment and software vendors and business consultants. The goal is to get as many clubs included on our email list in order to raise the bar collectively. Fitness clubs and studios become members of the USFC by joining here: https://usfc.info/membership/


The industry is facing unprecedented challenges right now and in the near future, the USFC has created a place where communication and cooperation are a priority. Every fitness facility is dealing with increased expenses, decreased monthly and annual revenues, and working to gain the trust of their members and the public. The more people that are involved with the USFC, all working together for the same goals and message will help ensure a stronger voice to the government, media and public:
  • Set an operating standard for every club to earn public trust in the health and safety of fitness facilities
  • Present one message to media that represents the best interest of the entire industry and helps from a more positive narrative
  • Develop programs and processes to engage the healthcare and insurance industries
  • Work together to ensure the sustainability and viability of the industry. Get involved to be able to contribute for the best interest of the industry as a whole and keep in close contact with our initiatives.


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