How to Combat Negative Press

It’s been a day.
A week, a month, half a year, you get the idea…
A lot of emotions came out of Friday and we’ve felt them all along with you. It felt GOOD to finally force the hand of the Governor in telling the truth about gyms. Let ‘s pause here for a second… me, you, WE forced the most powerful Governor in the United States of America to change his fear mongering narrative and admit gyms are safe. All I can say about that is you guys are f$king amazing and thank you. Yes the f$king was necessary, sorry.

Then came the “day late $ short” feeling…
There is no doubt there has been irreparable harm done by his words and his actions. We must combat this by spreading the statements and facts about gyms made today, everywhere; post on your social media and not just today or tomorrow but non stop. Ask your friends to support your small business be reposting. Go on news comment threads and post it. Get eyes on that .06% like it’s your job.

Then came flat out anger….
Anger that the data is from a time that we were shouting from the rooftops that we were safe and no one would listen. Anger that gyms are still in the orange zone and that NYC group classes are still closed. Anger that he actually claimed responsibility for “reducing our spread” Anger that .06% is not an acceptable reason that our livelihoods have been decimated or altogether lost.
I see you and I understand and I feel that same anger so remember that as I now tell you, let it go. Not because it’s not important but because we have more work to do. We have opinions to change in time to save what’s left. We have lawsuits to open our NYC family. We have libel claims to win so the entire Country can see what a conniving, lying, manipulative, POS our Governor is.

Today was a win and tomorrow is a new day. Not because we got everything we need or want, we didn’t. Today is a win because just like he would’ve NEVER opened us without our work I can say with complete confidence he would’ve never produced that all important .06% without our continued pressure.

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