Fitness Safe

What is Fitness Safe?

Does your fitness center exceed CDC & EPA standards?

In a rapidly changing information environment it can leave people wondering What is Safe?

We went back to the basics and took the technology that the Department of Health always used to test hospitals, bars, restaurants and other industries for sanitation standards and applied that information to fitness establishments. Simply put, the gyms are tested by an Occupational Health Safety Expert to ensure that they don’t only claim to be clean but they are verified for safety that you can trust.

Prior to COVID the corporate world encouraged their employees to seek physical fitness. Post COVID many corporations fear doing that. We are working with a network of corporations to place our “FitnessSafe” certified facilities in their human resource packages. We are working on making all “FitnessSafe” facilities their exclusive recommendations to employees.

Meet Our Expert

Kevin Godfrey is an Occupational Health and Safety Expert and the Director of FitnessSafe. Using real data and science, Kevin helps FitnessSafe members make sure that their business can create new customers, keep current ones and protect themselves against frivolous lawsuits with ATP Testing & Monitoring.

FitnessSafe Compliant Cleaning Solutions

FitnessSafe Testing for Members


FitnessSafe Testing (Members)

FitnessSafe Testing for Non-Members


FitnessSafe Testing (Non-Members)

Selectrocide Ultra Pure Chlorine Disinfectant 1G


Selectrocide Disinfectant 1G

Selectrocide Ultra Pure Chlorine Disinfectant 5G


Selectrocide Disinfectant 5G

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